New girl, new school: Your advice needed!

Were you ever the new girl at school? It takes a bit of bravery to start fresh. What's your best advice for Troubled?

Dear PLS, 
Help!!!! I dont have any friends at my new school and I am worried I wont make any:(  

This is a dramatic situation. Just think of the books, movies, and shows that start out with a new girl in a new place. But it's also a common situation. Your family moves, or maybe it's just that you finished elementary school and now must go to a new school for the exit grade. So Troubled, you are NOT alone. My advice is to prepare ahead. Here are some ways to do that:

Ask your parents if you can tour the school ahead of time. Then you will feel a little more familiar with things. Even better if you can do a tour with other kids who are also new. Ask the tour guide if he or she can connect you to other new students on Day 1. Also ask for a list of sports, clubs, and other

Get your parents' help in meeting kids in your neighborhood that go to that school. 

Join activities NOW in your community as a way of meeting new people.

Come up with something simple you can say when you meet a new person. You might say, "Hi, my name is A. I'm new this year."  Or something like that.

Remember that there are lots of kind, friendly people out there. You just need to find them. Here's a post from a while ago all about being the new girl and how to help. Good luck!

What's it like to be the new girl?

Back to school time - How ready are you?

It's about that time for those of us who are off for the summer. School is fast approaching. Are you ready? Are you the kind of girl who's excited and already organizing her supplies? (See the photo for the kind of girl I am.) Or are you in love with your flipflops and wishing the summer would never end? Tell us!

Georgiagirl is already thinking about school and a certain someone there...

Dear PLS,
Ok so I need advice. My school starts back August 7th and it's a private school, which means that I have basically the same people in my class every year and there is this boy that I have had a crush on since 5th grade and I'm going into 7th now his name is Benjamin and for a time I thought he liked me but now I'm not so sure. Here are some of the things that made me think he might have liked me.

1. In fifth grade on the way to lunch, his older brother called to him hey bemma! Bemma is what our names would be combined, Benjamin and Emma.
2. He would tell me a joke in 6th grade and not really blush but his face would be redder than usual and when I laughed he would smile
3. In fifth grade we were at recess and the jungle gym and the merry go round are right next to each other and he and his friends were sitting on tht and me and my friends were on the merry go round an I had my hair down and was swinging around and laughing and I could have sworn he was looking at me. 
3. In 6th grade we were doing a mini spelling bee in English to see who would go to the actual spelling bee and the English teacher called my name after his and his friend Ben said bemma just where I could hear it and nobody else.

Please help and give me your opinion. Thanx!

Oh, who hasn't done this - kept a perfect record of everytime your crush glanced your way or something even a little encouraging happened? It sounds to me like this boy genuinely likes Georgiagirl. Does he like-like her, like want to be her boyfriend? Well, that's trickier. 

Boys might not express themselves quite as openly or as much as girls. And sometimes a boy can feel uncomfortable when a girl has soooooo much emotion for him. But Georgiagirl can't help how she feels and she's doing some important thinking about the kind of boy she likes. Maybe Ben has some excellent qualities that she really likes in a boy - qualities she will look for when she's older and considering a boyfriend or husband. But for now, I'd say that she should keep being friends with Ben. If it turns out he likes her in that more serious way, great! If not, keep cool and keep being friends.

Do you agree?

Think pink!

What's the difference between pads and tampons?

OK, here's a good question. When a girl is younger, she might not know what a period is. And if she doesn't know that, then she wouldn't know what supplies go along with periods. That's what Anonymous is asking today.

Dear PLS,
What is the difference between pads and tampons?
Anonymous, 11
Pads and tampons are the most common supplies for handling periods. Pads seem to be the simpler option for many, because a pad is a piece of material made to absorb the blood. And they're simple to use. Just peel off the strip and the adhesive will stick to the inside your underwear.

A tampon is also made of absorbent material, but it's inserted inside the vagina. The vagina is a tube-like space, so the tampon fits in that space and prevents blood from getting out.  They have to be changed regularly. To remove them, you pull on a small string.

For some girls, it's all so new - learning about periods, learning about the internal workings of their bodies - that they are worried about using tampons. But tampons are good for people who play sports and swim. Because the tampon is inside the body, it won't get wet and soggy like a pad would.

Learn more about both kinds of protection here: Pads and Tampons

Think pink!


What's a period?

Let’s get back to basics today with Allona’s simple but important question:

Dear PLS,

What is a period?

Allona, 9

A period is a sign that a girl is growing up or becoming a woman. In other words, a girl’s body is changing on the inside so that one day she could have a baby. Also called menstruation, a period is actually a period of a days when some blood is released through the vagina. You might say ew, gross! But it’s not so bad. And it happens to just about every older girl and woman. Pads or tampons will keep you comfortable and can prevent the menstrual flow from staining your underwear and clothes.

The blood is actually the shedding of the uterine lining, the lining of the uterus. The uterus is a reproductive organ inside a girl’s body. If a woman is going to have a baby, the lining stays put to help the fertilized egg (eventually a baby) grow. But if there's no growing fetus, or baby, there's no need for the lining.

For more information, check out All About Menstruation

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One week only: Take our boyfriend poll!

Some girls say they're curious about the other girls who read this blog. Me too. So we'll ask some questions, such as...Do you have a boyfriend?

FYI, you do not need a boyfriend. But if you have one, that's OK, too. It's all part of growing up. And even though relationships don't usually last long in middle school, having a crush is a way of thinking about the kind of person you might eventually want to pair up with when you are a grownup.

The poll will be up for just one week, so take it now and tell us what you think!

Think pink!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Have a sweet Valentine's Day, even if you don't have a sweetheart! It's a fun day for dreaming about that special someone or even dreaming up what your ideal sweetheart would be like. Or maybe you'd prefer to celebrate "Galentine's Day" - a day to enjoy your girlfriends. 

Some of you have been stressing about whether to tell your crushes that you like them. Valentine's Day seems like a romantic day to reveal your love, but be careful with your heart. And sometimes the big day might heap too much pressure on the other person. 

So take a deep breath, get yourself a warm cup of something to sip, and take it nice and easy on Valentine's Day. 

Think pink!

Attention: tammi, Sophie, soccer bunny and Maggie!

Just a gentle reminder to NOT choose the URL option when commenting. We do not publish comments that include links because we don't want creepy people contacting you through Facebook, Twitter, or any other personal page. So welcome to the girls mentioned above! We are happy to post your comments as long as no URL is provided. 
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Take back the selfie!

We've all done it. Taken a selfie, or 42 of them, trying to make ourselves look absolutely stunning. To hide the size of our nose or minimize our hair that goes boing-boing! instead of sitting smoothly on our heads like we were in a shampoo ad. But here's the thing about selfies. They can be good if they help you appreciate the loveliness that is you. But not so good if you can only see the imperfections.

That's why this video is so interesting. The filmmaker challenged girls to take selfies without hiding what they feel are their worst features. Just to take a photo and let the real, natural girl shine through. Then they asked other people to look at, and comment on, the photos. Great news: People saw beautiful smiles and wildly wonderful hair.

Maybe try this selfie experiment with some friends. Take selfies and share them with each other. Find ways to comment in a positive way about what you see in your friends' photos. Note the features you like or the sparkle about them that makes you happy they are your friend. What if you could see all the ways that your friends find you beautiful? You might never look at yourself the same way again.
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Are you ready for Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is only about two weeks away. Sometimes, girls get all stressed over the day, thinking they need to have a boyfriend by then. Or that they need to declare their love to their crush. But no! Not true.

You can enjoy Valentine's Day just as you are. Celebrate your friendships and the people you love. Send your grandma a Valentine. Don't forget your little brother. Make it a special day by giving unexpected treats to your friends. And if you want to dream a little about that special someone, go right ahead. It's a great day for dreaming of LOVE!

What are your Valentine's Day plans? Tell us!
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Happy New Year!

Wow, 2014 is almost here. We have big plans for the new year. How about you? Are you making a New Year's resolution? Tell us about them!

We're going into this new year VERY grateful for all the girls who visit regularly, share their questions, and offer such great advice to our community of friends.

Happy New Year!

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What if you look at inappropriate stuff online?

The Internet is big, big, big - as big as the world. So when you are traveling around online, you can go to lots of places and see lots of things. Not all of them are right for you and some might make you feel kind of yucky. We recently received the comment below from a very honest person:

Okay. I'm not sure how to put this, but I think I'm not a good person. I went on YouTube and watched videos that were not meant for kids. I was just curious and it was only like 2 clips, but my parents found out and got really upset. Now I feel really ashamed and feel like I'm the only one in the world who has done this. I'm sorry if this is a long, awkward post, but I really have no one else to confide in. Thanks for any support you might be able to give me. 
So first, we want to let Anonymous know that looking at inappropriate stuff does NOT make you a bad person. People are curious and it's normal to wonder about stuff you don't know much about - and have probably heard other people talking about. Anonymous is defnintely NOT the only person in the world who has ever done it. But that doesn't mean we recommend it. I would stay away from X-rated websites and YouTube videos of naked people.

If you have questions about growing up and sexuality, it's better to go to these sources:

  • A parent, or older sibling
  • A reliable website, like, which is run by doctors and other experts who will explain things in a respectful way, not a way that makes kids feel uncomfortable and awkward.
  • Books, such as What's Happening to Me? There's a What's Happening to Me? book for boys, too. 
The good news is that, as you get older, these topics will make more sense and you'll feel more comfortable. But right now, turn to reliable people, websites, and books to help you begin to understand them.

Think pink!


So busy her head is spinning

Being busy can feel good, like when you're bopping from this to that and enjoying it. But sometimes too much is just too much even if you like the various activities and responsibilities you have. It sounds like Anonymous is feeling that way.

Hi PLS. I'm just so overwhelmed because of how busy I am. I feel like I never have any free time to relax. I have a lot of homework, tests, projects, assignments and so many different stuff and I'm so overwhelmed!! I'm not sure if it's just me or if that's what middle school is. I literally can't get even 5 minutes to just simply relax!! I need advice!!!!

OK, step 1 is to tell someone. Usually a parent is a good choice. They can help you slow down, get organized, or even reduce the number of activities you do.

Step 2 is to find ways to calm yourself. Anonymous says she can't get 5 minutes to relax. My advice is to make time for nothing. That's right, make some time - at least 30 minutes - to do nothing much. Look out the window, write in a journal, listen to music, go for a walk.

Step 3 is to check in with yourself after you make some changes. Do you feel better? Do you still feel overwhelmed? If so, it's time to go back to steps 1 and 2.

What else, Pink Locker girls? How do you manage busy-busy times?

Think pink!

One more quick word (mot) about France

Wow, I love all your comments about Paris and about other fabulous vacation spots you'd like to visit. Here's a photo of the you-know-what! And a big thank you for answering each other's questions while I was away.
Think pink!

Paris (and other dream vacations)!

Apologies - or should I say pardonnez-moi? - that I have not answered any questions in a while. Believe it or not, I am in Paris for a vacation. Have you ever been to France or do you dream of going? It is beyond, beyond, beyond how I imagined it. And I thought it was going to be spectacular.

I love art so it is heaven. But not all the art of Paris is on the walls of museums. The buildings are beautiful, the language is beautiful, and I love when a fashionable lady walks by, because then I can smell her perfume. Ooh la la.

I'll get to some questions when I return. And we will have a new story soon from one of our favorite friends and young authors, Posey. She is living in France for the year so she promises a French story. Until then, tell me what is your dream vacation?

Pensez rose! (Think pink!)

Attention cheerleaders and other flexible girls!

Niya wants to be more flexible, learn to do a split and other cheerleading moves. In other words, she wants to be stretchy-bendy. Can you offer some advice?

Dear PLS,
I would like to be more flexible. This year in seventh grade I didn't make the cheerleading squad. And I do not know how to do a split,or a scorpion,or any flips. And I think because of my weight can u help me plzz???
Niya, 12

Becoming bending doesn't happen in a day. But you can get more flexible by practicing stretches and yoga. Try these yoga poses.

Welcome Home Yoga

Study Break Yoga

What else, flexible Pink Locker girls? If you can do a split, tell us how you learned to do it!

Think pink!

We're open for business!

Forgive us. We had a technical glitch and you couldn't submit a question during that time. The problem is fixed so please send us your questions!

Here's the link if you need it:


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How organized is your school locker?

OK, a few weeks have passed since school started. Your locker may have started out perfectly organized and stylish, but how does it look now? You might want to try a locker organizer. A company called Lockerworks sent the Pink Locker Society a pink locker organizer, so of course, we had to try it out.
We asked our friend Maia to see how it worked and to give us her opinion. You may have heard of a movie review, which is someone's opinion of a movie. This is a product review because it's Maia's opinion of this product. It's also fair to tell you that Lockerworks sent the locker organizer to us for free and that we let Maia keep it.
Here's what she had to say!
By Maia
I think this LockerWorks Locker Organizer is a very helpful tool to stay organized because the Locker Organizer fits exactly in your locker and its size is thin, but sturdy and strong, so it can hold your books.
Another reason the Locker Organizer is very helpful is because it can separate your textbooks, binders and folders with its three dividers. Or you can separate your school supplies by morning, after-lunch, and textbooks. Also, the pockers on the outside are very useful because you can store pencils and any extras.

To conclude my over-all thoughts about the Locker Organizer, I think it can help people get organized and stay organized. I especially LOVE that it’s PINK!
If you want to see what other people thought about this locker organizer, you can check out the reviews on Here is a link to the Lockerworks company, but it's important to ask an adult if you are thinking about buying something online.
What about you? Tell us about your locker and your ideas for getting organized. Next, we'll talk about how to DECORATE your locker.
Think pink!

Middle school tips needed NOW!

Megan writes that she's worried about middle school and wants to hear from girls who have been there/done that. What are your best tips for starting middle school?

Here's mine: Be open to meeting new friends. That means inviting people to sit at your lunch table or agreeing to be partners in class with someone you don't know yet. Remember new friends are silver and old friends are gold - you want a little bit of both!

What do YOU suggest if you want to be happy in middle school?

Think pink!

Triple-decker problem

Did you ever have a time when you had a little more than you could handle? Anonymous sent in a trio of questions on Aug. 20 and seems to be feeling that way. Let's see if we can help!

Dear Jemma
I have a huge dilemma. OK so lately I have noticed double periods and I really want to talk to my mom about it so maybe I can go to a gynecologist but thee thought makes me shiver. I mean its super awkward and weird.

Number two I'm sad because I have a crush that lives far away he came to visit Ga and I spent rest of summer hiding I dint get to say bye and our pastor I adore is moving.

I want to talk to my mom too. But I just don't know how to bring it up. I love my mom and she can give really good advice but I am afraid of bringing up awkward subjects. PLEASE HELP. Oh yes Pink locker girls I need your help and advice too. What would you do if you were in my shoes?????

Let's start with #1 - double periods. It all depends on what you mean by double periods. Periods are known to be irregular for younger girls, but it's always a good idea to check with the doctor. It may be that you can just go to your regular doctor, not the gynecologist. But it all starts with talking to your Mom, so she can make an appointment. Until your appointment, try keeping a log of when you have your period so you can give more info to the doctor.

#2 - The crush you didn't say goodbye to. Sigh, the one who got away. We've all had crushes that ended like that. But the good news is that sometimes dreaming of your crush and imagining what it would be like to be a couple is more than enough for now. And who knows? Maybe you'll cross paths next summer. Or if you have his address, it can be fun to send a letter. Though boys are generally NO GOOD at writing back.

#3 - The pastor you like who's leaving. This is sad, no question about it. Why not make him a gift or a card to show him how much you enjoyed having him at your church? Grateful words mean a lot.

And finally, you asked about how you might talk to your Mom about these and other problems. If you're feeling shy, try these approaches:

1. Send your mom a text or an email saying you'd like to talk.  
2. Take advantage of time together in the car when there's no one else around.
3. Tell your mom you'd like some one-on-one time and could you go for a walk or go to lunch sometime soon.

Moms want to help so try to be brave and share what's on your mind. Any other advice givers out there? Add your advice for Anonymous!

Think pink!

Welcome Sally Joe, Totes Secret and General Jitsu!

I noticed some new girls on the blog lately. Welcome! I also wanted to let you know why you haven't seen your comments posted yet.

One common reason comments don't get approved is because you've linked to a URL or website when you were leaving your comment. It's not your fault because the program that this blog uses offers you the chance to list a URL or website address. 

But we choose not to publish comments that are  linked because we don't want creepy people contacting you through a Facebook page or another personal page. This screen shot shows you which line to leave blank.

Also, please use only a first name or nickname. No last names. Lots of girls click the "Anonymous" option from the dropdown.

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More art! More art!

We keep getting such lovely drawings. Here are a few. Check out more art and a new story by Gabrielle at the Pink Locker Artists Blog.

Attention, artsy girls!

Have you checked out our artist blog lately? We just published a super story by Jocelyn and this beautiful pastel drawing by Mary.

If you'd like to submit your writing or drawings, send them to

Visit the Pink Locker Artists Blog to see what it's all about!

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Should Gabrielle date her BFF's bro?

It seems so right but also complicated. Have you ever had a crush on your BFF's brother? That's what's troubling Gabrielle. Here's her question:

Dear PLS,

So, my best friend's brother openly flirts with me.  I really like him, but I don't know if I should take up on his offer of going with him to his senior prom next year. I mean, not only am I just a freshman soon to be sophomore, but it also may effect my friendship with his sister. Should I deny his offer to prom and keep my friendship the way that it is right now, or should I take him up on his offer and go to prom with him?

In this type of situation, it would be best to talk with your BFF/his sister first. If your friendship with her means a lot to each of you, she will understand how you feel and she may be fine with you dating her brother. But it also might feel uncomfortable for her and she might wonder if you will want to spend more time with him than her.

In high school, these situations occur frequently. If you talk it over with your best friend and explain to her brother how you are feeling, there will be much less conflict because you’re being open about the situation. Good luck!

What else, Pink Locker girls? Has this happened to you?

Think pink!

Hey girls, today is your lucky day!

If you asked for advice today, it's your lucky day! We're going to publish every question received today and open it up to the fabulous advice givers who read the blog. We're also including the time the question was sent (in Eastern Standard Time).

Let's give these girls some good advice.

Ready, set, go!

Dear PLS,
If I'm 11, am I too young for makeup?
Taia, 11

Dear PLS,
I have a crush who likes me and i like him my BFF told him i like him im going out to dinner with him soon with our families. i am very embarrassed if he asks me out what should i say?
Olivia, 10

Dear PLS,
My height is shorter than average. I am just 5'2" What do I do?

Dear PLS,
Every girl in my class has padded bras and I don't and I feel left out what should I do
No Pads, 11

Dear PLS,
I think I may have started puberty butt I scared to ask my if we can go shopping 4 padded bras instead of going for outfits help me how do I start a conversation
LR, 10

Dear PLS,
I've got my period already but my best friend hasn't got her period yet but she has the discharge from 5 years now and she's very worried, so am I.
Can you help?
Natalie, 10

are periods scary?
bo-zephyr, 9-10

Everyone in my class knows what sex is but I'm not certain. Please help!
Shelby, 9

Dear PLS,
I wear a bra but my boobs aren't that big and everyone says I don't need a bra. What do I tell them?
Kenli, 11

Dear PLS,
We only have two bedrooms in my moms apartment and my grandparents live in one and my brother, mom and I live in one my grandparents are leaving and my brother wants that room but I want it because of my periods.
Worried, 10

Dear PLS,
I told my crush how I feel about him but even though we're friends I get all jealous when other girls are all touching him what should I do?
LR, 10

Dear PLS,
My crush knows i like him, even though i never told him. I used to talk to him all the time but since he found out, he keeps avoiding me, and now he's changing schools too. Should i be happy or sad?
Emma, 12

Dear PLS,
I'm going into grade 7, and i have the biggest boobs in my grade. I have B almost C cups, and everyone is in A's. Are my boobs too big for my age or are they average?
B.B.T.E., 12

Dear PLS,
How Do You Keep Track Of Your Period?
Britt, 12

Dear PLS,
What do I do if  I'm the new girl?
Paniz, 10

Dear PLS,
I still haven't had my first kiss yet and it's embarrassing because all my friends have.. I feel left out and I want my first kiss!
Alexa, 13

Hi pls,
i got my period a:-), and the color was bright red is that normal?
Anny, 10 (the worry princess)

Think pink!

How scan drawings - for Annette!

Annette wrote in to ask how to send a drawing for our Pink Locker Artists blog. Good news - you
don't need a scanner. Many girls have just taken a photo of the artwork and emailed the photo.

Email to:

Think pink!

New stuff on the Pink Locker Artists' Blog

New drawings, poems and stories. Check it out!

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How to say goodbye to your crush

You've had your eye on him all school year and now summer is here. You'll go your way and he'll go his. Summer is awesome, but you can't help thinking that it will feel like FOREVER until you see him again. How can you say goodbye for the summer?
This question came in from Anonymous. I think it IS hard, especially if he's been a secret crush. If you don't normally hang out, then it may seem weird to create a big goodbye scene. I think you should find a way to tell him two nice things. Maybe compliment him on something he's good at - sports, playing an instrument, doing karate, whatever. And if the conversation is going smoothly, also say "Have a great summer!"
It's simple, not too dramatic, and maybe will be a nice start to a friendship you can pick up on next school year. And who knows? Maybe you'll bump into him over the summer!

Any other crush farewell advice for Anonymous?

Think pink!

No sweat, Tanisum!

OK, time to start answering all the questions we've received below on the Tanisum post. We'll start - of course - with Tanisum's question. She wants to know about sweating and how to control it. So let's talk sweat!

Everyone sweats. Our skin has tiny holes called pores and sweat glands under the skin squirt out sweat to keep us cool. It works great! But what's not so great is your shirt getting all wet under your arms. Big circles of wet sweat sometimes appear. Sweat itself doesn't smell but sweat can lead to body odor when sweat mixes with bacteria (germs).

There are three steps you can take if you are concerned about sweating and smelling:

1)Shower or bathe regularly. Every day is often best, especially if you have been exercising or if it's warm out.

2)Wear clean clothes and wash clothes that get sweaty/smelly, especially sports uniforms and gym uniforms.   

3)Wear deodorant/antiperspirant. Mild ones are best and you can ask your mom, an older sister, or your doctor, if you are unsure which kind to get. Read the labels. A deodorant will help with smell, but an antiperspirant will help reduce the amount of sweat and wetness.

Any other advice, Pink Locker girls? How do you stay dry and smelling good?

Think pink!

For Tanisum...and everyone else waiting for an answer!

Tanisum says she's been asking a lot of questions and is still waiting for answers.

Dear PLS,
I really need help and i had asked the PLS many questions but they did not answer. :(  

To speed up the process, we invite Tanisum to write her questions here in the comments.

And we also invite others who've been waiting patiently - or not-so patiently to do the same. We're putting these questions at the front of the line!

Think pink!

P.S. Sorry it takes so long but we have received more than 65,000 questions since we started the Pink Locker Society.

Are you a good friend? Take the quiz!

Let's wrap up Best Friends' Week with a quiz from our friends at Best Bones Forever. After you take the quiz, let us know what you thought of your results!

Quiz: Are You A Good Friend?

Wonderfully coincidentally, the Pink Locker Society reached 1,500 Facebook fans today. Thanks to everyone!

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Attention, diana10, Riley, and boohoogonegangsta!

Just a little note to blog visitors - especially diana10, Riley and boohoogonegangsta! The Pink Locker Society can't publish comments if you've included a URL. I know the form (see the screenshot) asks for one but you can just leave it blank.

We don't want your comments to link to your blog, Facebook page or any other site that could let creepy people get in touch with you. We talk about personal stuff on this blog so we want to protect your privacy.

Thanks and we look forward to publishing your future comments!

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#TALKaboutyour bffsweek!

Thanks to PINKSHUGZANDPLAYINGINFUN!!!!!!! for this excellent idea: Welcome to Talk About Your BFFs Week!

You're invited to talk about your BFFs and tell everyone what's great, unusual, and super cool about your best friends.

I'll start. My BFFs are FABULOUS because they're kind, supportive, thoughtful, extremely FUNNY and I know that I can count on them.

Your turn! What makes your best friends terrific?

Think pink!

Are you short stuff, like Jeruelsa?

Did you ever hear the advice to not stress about what you can't change? How short or tall we are is one of those things we can't really change. But most people have thought about what it would be like to be taller or shorter. Jeruelsa is feeling kind of short compared to everyone else.
Dear PLS,
I'm the shortest kid in my class! I am actually in 7th grade but I look like as if I am in 4th grade. What should I do?”

It is very common to have a big variety of taller and smaller kids in middle school. That's because puberty (when you grow into a more adult-like person) happens at different times for different people. So one girl might sprout up to 5 feet 10 inches while her best friend is a whole foot shorter. Same goes for guys. One might be almost as tall as his dad while another kid is nowhere near that big.
Eventually, by high school, things usually even out. Some people will be shorter, especially if their parents aren't too tall. Other kids will be tall and may even continue growing into their late teens. For more about height, check out this article: Feeling Too Short or Too Tall?
My advice for Jeruelsa would be to focus on being healthy and strong at her current height. Be good to your body by eating healthy foods and getting lots of play time and exercise. Appreciate your body and all it does no matter how tall or small it is!
Any other advice about dealing with feeling too short?
Think pink!

Period questions from Tori and Cheryl

Period questions! Seems like everyone has them. Here are two from Tori and Cheryl.

Dear PLS,
“I haven't had my period yet and I'm kind of worried. Its kind of embarrassing when I talk to someone about it. What do I do?”

Hi Tori! A girl's period, also known as menstruation, begins about 2 to 2½ years after her first signs of puberty. On average, girls get their period around the age of 12, that is not the only age! It can come earlier or later, until the age of 16. If possible, talking to your Mom about it may help. She can tell you about her story of puberty

Find more info here: When Will I Get My Period?

And now for Cheryl's question...

Dear PLS,
I just got my period, and at school my pad feels so uncomfortable. It may sound weird but it kind of feels wet, even though there's probably little blood on it. Are there any tips for me to be comfortable with my pads?”


If your pad feels uncomfortable, your mom or sister can help you find a pad that fits more comfortable. At the store, the feminine products are usually located in one aisle, where you will find different types of pads. If you can, try a few different ones out before deciding which kind you want to use.

Eventually, you may want to use tampons which are comfortable when you feel ready to use them. Get more info here: 

Pads and Tampons

Any additional advice, Pink Locker girls? 

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She's too nervous to talk to her crush

We talk to people all the time - blah, blah, blah. Then why is it so hard to talk to CERTAIN people, especially certain people that we have crushes on? Jenny is feeling that way, but it's OK. Let's try to help!

Dear PLS,
I really like this boy and last year my class split up. We used to be good friends but now we NEVER talk, it’s not a personal thing we just well....don't! I would love to talk to him but it would seem weird if I just went up and said hi? There was also a rumor that he liked my best friend. What should I do?

If you feel comfortable, definitely start a conversation with him. Keep it easy-breezy and try to treat him like you would any other friend.
Since rumors aren’t always true, you should not worry about whether he likes another girl yet. If you want to tell him you like him without really “telling him,” ask him to hang out after school one day. If there is a sporting event or after school even you could go to, that’s a perfect way to talk to someone without being completely alone.
After hanging out a few times, you will probably be able to tell if he feels the same way about you. What else Pink Locker girls? How do you rev up your courage to talk to your crush?

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When Mom gets a boyfriend

Truth be told, we probably would all like our parents to stay together and stay married forever. But in real life, that doesn't always happen. When parents break up, usually mom or dad will eventually start dating new people. That can be tough to get used to. Larissa is in that spot. Let's help!
Dear PLS,
“I'm really worried my mom's new boyfriend won’t like me or that my mom will spend more time with him. I'm also afraid of living in a house with him too.”
You are definitely not alone. Step 1 is to talk to your mom and share your concerns. For sure, she doesn't want you to worry. And she will like knowing that the time she spends with you is so important to you. One good question for her is how serious their relationship is. It may be that she just likes having someone to spend time with and isn't thinking of getting serious. If they are more serious, she can let you know that, too.
What would make you more comfortable? Would you like to have dinner with the two of them so you could get to know each other better? He might be as nervous as you are.  
What else, Pink Locker girls? Do you have experience with parents who started dating?

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New post, FINALLY! This one's for Avalon

Hi Avalon! This is a good question to ask because many girls have the same question about BRAS!

Dear PLS,
"I don't want to wear a bra. Is there any thing else I can wear instead?”

If you’re not interested in wearing a bra yet, you can try out a camisole. They are also known as “camis.” They are tank top like shirts with a built-in, slightly padded area. Lots of girls wear camis underneath another shirt.
Sports bras are another option. Sports bras are often like a shorter, snug tank top. They give support without complicated sizes and straps.
Sports bras and camis can be found in lots of stores, such as Target, girls' clothing stores and department stores in the mall. And when you're ready for a bra, this article can guide you to the right one.
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Zebra Forest: New book is a page-turner!

Great book alert! Did you ever hear someone call a book “a page turner?” That means the story keeps the reader so interested he or she wants to keep turning the pages. I recently read the new book, Zebra Forest, by Adina Rishe Gewirtz and I think it is a PAGE-TURNER. What will happen? How will this all turn out? That’s what I kept asking myself as I read it.

The story is told by Annie, who lives with her grandmother in a remote place, near a forest she calls Zebra Forest. Like lots of kids, Annie’s family life has been complicated. In fact, her father is in prison and her mother is not in her life. She has a little brother, who she loves a lot. Life with their grandmother isn’t exactly perfect, but it’s OK. Until one summer day. I’ll leave it there. Don’t you want to turn the page?

Since we have so many reader girls on this blog, the Pink Locker Society asked Zebra Forest author Adina Rishe Gewirtz to write a post. Want to become a writer? Get her advice below.

And if you read Zebra Forest, come back here and let us know what you think.

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By Adina Rishe Gewirtz

When I was about 12 years old, I read To Kill A Mockingbird for the first time, closed the book at the last page, and said to myself: “I want to do that!” I loved the voice of Scout Finch telling me her story so much that I wanted to go back to her again and again. And I wanted to do what Harper Lee had done, and make a book that leaves people thinking for a long time.
It took me what feels like a million years to get started, but this week I’m thrilled to say that my first novel, Zebra Forest, is in bookstores. It's the story of an eleven-year-old girl, Annie Snow, who, along with her nine-year-old brother, learns the hard way that families are complicated, and that sometimes the most important people in your life are the ones you know the least about. With the publishing of Zebra Forest, my age-old secret dream is now out there in the open, on shelves! And since that’s happened, I’ve discovered that many people share the writing dream, and several have asked me what it takes to make it come true.
My only answer is practice. But I don't mean the kind of practice that you need for something like riding a bike, or juggling, or typing, where you do it so many times, eventually your muscles remember the process so your head doesn’t have to. Far from it.
Instead, I mean getting in the habit of writing all the time, about everything. Watching and thinking about what goes on in your world, and learning to describe it. Pushing yourself to think, not only about your own perspective, but about what it feels like to be somebody else, coming to a situation with an entirely different history and background. When you get in the habit of doing that, of always keeping your mind and eyes open, then you’ll have made yourself a writer.

Six words says it all!

Could you describe yourself in only six words? That's what the Pink Locker Society asked girls to do at last weekend's Miss Expo event in New Jersey. They did a great job!

Eleanor: Creative, fun, pretty, energetic, athletic, smart.

Kristy: Kind, sassy, sweet, caring, thoughtful, cute.

Arabella: Graceful, fun-sized, cute, athletic, friendly

Talia: Funny, friendly, courageous, sporty, kind, unique

Julianna: Loving, friendly, hard-working, LOL funny

Leann: Beautiful, smart, fun, fashionable, joyful, adventurous

Gabriella: Smart, creative, sweet, funny, pretty, unique

Tyla: Creative, intelligent, stylish, calm, athletic, sparkly

Kyla: Kind, peaceful, reader, poet, people person, cute

Now, which six words would you use to describe YOU?

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Hello to Madison, Morgan, and Maisie!

It is great to see new girls commenting on the blog. I noticed a bunch of new folks this week. If you are new, you may not know that we can't publish your comment if you use your first and last name. We also don't publish comments if you have linked your comment with a URL.

We have these rules to keep your privacy. We don't want creepy people contacting you, especially because we often discuss personal topics here. So welcome and we hope to hear from you soon!

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